This site, besides mocking the term undocumented, is an illegal immigration primer whose goal is to provide information on illegal immigration prevention, enforcement, and attrition.

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AMNESTY means never having immigration enforcement!

Those 'undocumented' are actually 'highly documented' with fraudulent documents our government readily accepts.

There should be no debate over illegal invasion.


The Statue of
Liberty is a monument dedicated to freedom and liberty. She never meant that foreigners have the right to violate America's immigration laws. Statue of Liberty


National polls consistently reflect a strong dissatisfaction with the current mass immigration policies of the United States government.  Native-born and foreign-born Americans alike want a reduction in immigration.  Although the American public desires a significant reduction in immigration, institutions and organizations are not responding to this desire. See Disconnect.

Example Polls:

  • Wall Street Journal/NBC News, December 1998:
    72% feel "immigration should not increase because it will cost U.S. jobs and increase unemployment."

  • Wirthlin Worldwide, August 1997
    53% of all Americans think immigration should be decreased.

  • Horatio Alger Association, August 1996:
    67% of teens feel legal immigration to the U.S. should be reduced.

  • Wall Street Journal's American Opinion Survey, December 1996 72% of all Americans favor lowering immigration.

  • Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, March 1996 52% of adult Americans favor establishing a five-year ban on ALL legal and illegal immigration into the United States.

  • NPG/Roper Poll, February 1996:
    83% of Americans favor a lower level of immigration.
    70% want immigration reduced to 300,000 annually.
    20% want to halt all immigration.

  • USA Today/Gallup, July 1995
    65% of Americans thought that the level of immigration should be decreased.
    61% of immigrants favored a national identity ID card

  • CBS News/New York Times, September 1995:
    63% of Americans think immigration levels were too high.
    66% of Republicans want less immigration.
    60% of Democrats want less immigration.

  • Opinion Research Corporation, July 1995
    63% thought that our immigration policy is too generous.

  • CBS News/New York Times, September 1994
    63% of Americans thought that the level of immigration should be decreased, including 66% of Republicans, 60% of Democrats, and 64% of independents.

  • CBS News, January 1994
    65% thought conditions in the U.S. were too difficult to admit immigrants who have nothing.
    53% thought most recent immigrants cause problems.

  • Time/CNN, September 1993:
    80% consider it important for the federal government to track down illegal aliens living the United States.
    73% feel the U.S. should "strictly limit" immigration.
    50% favor requiring all U.S. citizens to carry a national identification card.

  • Newsweek, July 1993:
    59% feel that immigration was a good thing for this country in the past.
    60% feel that immigration is a bad thing for this country now.

  • CNN/USA Today/Gallup, July 1993:
    76% feel that immigration should be stopped or reduced until the economy improves.
    65% believe immigration should be decreased generally.

  •  Hispanic USA Research Group survey of Hispanic Americans, June 1993:
    89% of Hispanic Americans strongly support an immediate moratorium on immigration.
    74% feel fewer immigrants should be allowed and stronger restrictions should be enforced.

  • New York Times/CBS News, June 1993
    61% felt that immigration should be decreased

  • Latino National Political Survey, December 1992
    75% of Mexican-Americans agree there are too many immigrants in this country
    79% of Puerto Ricans agree;
    65% of Cuban-Americans agree;
    74% of "Anglos" agree.

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