This site, besides mocking the term undocumented, is an illegal immigration primer whose goal is to provide information on illegal immigration prevention, enforcement, and attrition.

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AMNESTY means never having immigration enforcement!

Those 'undocumented' are actually 'highly documented' with fraudulent documents our government readily accepts.

There should be no debate over illegal invasion.


The Statue of
Liberty is a monument dedicated to freedom and liberty. She never meant that foreigners have the right to violate America's immigration laws. Statue of Liberty



My childhood days were pleasant and nice
No worry about illegal aliens and all the vice
Streets and neighborhoods were always safe
America was a wonderful place.

Through the years, many changes came about
But few Americans stood up to complain or shout
Events came about which caused us to fear
But no one complained to hold America dear.

I thought 9/11 would cause Americans to wake up
And to demand a complete Government shake-up
The American flag flew high and wide
With loyalty and pride at each persons side.

Time has past and so has the theme
America has been lost in that wonderful dream
Illegal aliens are the cause and what has been done?
Our borders still open to everyone.

The INS was the Government's blame
The inefficiency of this agency is a shame
Examinations showed our Government was at fault
But Americans did not demand a halt.

Illegal aliens come here by the thousands a day
But Americans do not have anything to say
Many go about their merry old way,
Soon it will be too late for them to have their say.

Over $200,000 dollars are being spent in Phoenix city
To be used for a hiring hall for illegal aliens- what a pity!
There is a town in Texas where English cannot be used
This is another case where my language is abused.

Democrats want the Hispanic vote
And welcome illegal aliens who come by boat
Republicans want the cheap labor here to stay
These political parties must wake up- I pray.

Some states grant illegal aliens licenses to drive
This will aid and permit their illegal activities to survive
Crime, drug smuggling and murder occur every day,
That seems to be the current American way.

Mexican consulates give Matriculas ID cards for their people here.
This is another problem that is quite clear.
This is an alternative form of ID's for some
And for our elected officials to accept these are dumb.

We have legal means to come here
Why don't people follow this and adhere.
America is not the place I once knew
To solve this, many Americans don't even have a clue
The concept of Aztlan is to take over the southwest
This is very serious and not a jest
The movement is very active and real
And seven U. S. states they want to steal.

Aztlan is not immigration- annexation is the correct name
With over 13 million illegal aliens in the U. S., We are to blame.
Aztlan's goal is to take over in about 8 years
Unless Americans do something, we are all going to be in tears.

The area of the U. S. is 3.6 million square miles or their about
This area cannot be increased, there is no doubt.
Our current population is 281 million or more
By 2050 it will be 500 million if we don't shut the door!

We Americans must get involved
To get this monumental problem solved.
If we still want America to be the home of the brave
we better wake up or become a Mexican slave.

If nothing is done to protect the U.S. of A.
The choice is clear, what more can I say,
The facts are there and well known to me
Let's get politicians to hear our plea.

Americans- Where are you?
What are you going to do?
Stand up for your right!
Get in there and fight!

Author: Jim Nixon, US Army, Retired

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