This site, besides mocking the term undocumented, is an illegal immigration primer whose goal is to provide information on illegal immigration prevention, enforcement, and attrition.

IllegalAliens.US has been operating since August 30, 2002.

The Statue of
Liberty is a monument dedicated to freedom and liberty. She never meant that foreigners have the right to violate America's immigration laws.
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty does not mean illegal aliens have the right to break US immigration law.
The Statue of Liberty is a monument dedicated to freedom and liberty.
She never meant that foreigners have the right to violate America's immigration laws.
Statue of Liberty does not mean illegal aliens have the right to break US immigration law.

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The Denver Post continues to prove:

Journalism is dead.
Reporting is dead.
Readers are left with just bad writing.


Americans deserve much better than the biased, incompetent Denver Post.  The Denver Post in the fall of 2002 attempted to assassinate the character of Congressman Tom Tancredo, a strong immigration reduction advocate and chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus.  Although few newspapers today provide objective reporting on mass immigration, these writings are reminiscent of the unsubstantiated, biased, and flamboyant reporting style known as 'yellow journalism.

In this incident The Denver Post, in collusion with the Mexican Consulate, featured an front-page article of illegal alien Jesus Apodaca who publicly called for U.S. taxpayers to shift scare educational funds away from the children of US citizens to ubsidize the college education costs for illegal aliens, In the article Jesus openly declared himself an illegal alien.  As a result of the brazen flaunting of American law, Rep. Tancredo (CO-6) subsequently inquired with the INS about US immigration law enforcement.  The Denver Post then initiated a smear campaign against the Congressman in a lop-sided series of front page articles and editorials.  It would be a stretch to call these articles - alleging hypocrisy, immorality, and impropriety - "journalism".  None of this one-sided coverage addressed the negative impacts of  8 to 11 million illegal aliens living in America, which have been ignored by the paper for years.

Not a comprehensive list, here are a few samples of the yellow articles from The Denver Post staff.

  • In a September 19, 2002 article entitled Illegal labor aided Tancredo Denver Post writer Michael Riley tried to smear Rep. Tancredo as an employer of illegal aliens when in fact the illegal aliens submitted fraudulent identification to the contractor.  "You can be sued under the Civil Rights Act if you go out and ask people who have been hired by someone else if they are here illegally or not," Tancredo said. The zeal of The Denver Post to focus on  Representative Tancredo instead of the greater problem of the negative impacts of illegal immigration is all too prevalent with this biased, incompetent paper.

  • In a vile column entitled Moral talk is cheap; so is labor Denver Post columnist Diane Carman continues the Tancredo smear campaign with "You can't reap the benefits of a dishonest system and still claim to be an honest man."  Because of the prevalence of illegal alien workers in the US that allegation makes every American dishonest.  When will The Denver Post help eliminate that dishonest system?

  • In a September 20, 2002 article entitled National GOP scurries from Tancredo's stanceby writer Michael Riley, The Denver Post tries to marginalize Rep. Tancredo with "The national Republican Party moved rapidly Thursday to distance itself from Rep. Tom Tancredo on immigration issues, fearing that controversies swirling around his views may spoil efforts to woo Hispanic voters."  Although unscientific, there was overwhelmingly support for the congressman's position as evidenced by the poll below.

  • In an editorial entitled Remodel the attitude The Denver Post continued the name-calling vendetta against Rep. Tancredo:

  • "Indeed, the Littleton Republican merits a place in the Guinness Book of Records for taking to a new level the ancient political ritual of podiophagy (our own coinage, from the Greek, for eating your foot)."
  • "The Great Xenophobe's embarrassing situation only serves to underscore the American public's schizophrenic attitudes on illegal immigration: We demand secure borders and hector the government to "send 'em all back" - but we look the other way when we are the beneficiaries of the clandestine immigrants' cheap labor."

At the end of the same editorial The Denver Post offered their solution to the illegal immigration problem --- promote more illegal immigration with an amnesty for illegal aliens: 

  • "He might also consider offering legislation to obviate the need for illegal immigration by creating a "guest worker" program that would make legitimate the foreign-born workers who are so critical to the American economy."

Two points below support the allegation of The Denver Post slant and public support for Congressman Tancredo:

  • Dave Kopel, agreeing with the lop-sided coverage, in a September 29, 2002 Rocky Mountain News article, wrote: 

"The controversy was legitimate news, but the stories were quite slanted. The Post - besides quoting the parties involved (Tancredo, the Apodacas, and the INS) - offered six paragraphs reporting on the views of people who disagreed with Tancredo, and a single paragraph from one Tancredo supporter (Sept. 13). The News (Sept. 14) devoted 19 paragraphs to criticism of Tancredo by Democrats and a Libertarian, compared to four paragraphs of support from one Republican party official."

  • Despite the tirade of Post's writings, results of a Denver Post poll shown below indicate overwhelming support (96% favorable) for Rep. Tom Tancredo and his contention that immigration laws must be enforced.


    What's your view of U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo?

    Total Votes = 27163

    Very favorable (14322) 53%
    Favorable (8733) 32%
    Somewhat favorable (2717) 10%
    Mixed feelings (29) 0%
    Never heard of him before now (32) 0%
    Somewhat unfavorable (28) 0%
    Unfavorable (314) 1%
    Very unfavorable (988) 4%

It is normal to feel compassion for this honor student who has been here illegally for a long time and it may not be fair to single out one person.  However, it is unfair that this illegal alien publicly flaunts the law and wants scare financial resources taken away from the education of American citizen's children.  It is unfair that 8-11 million illegal aliens are negatively impacting our schools, health care, and environment.  It is unfair that The Denver Post promotes illegal immigration and conducts smear campaigns. The issue is to whom fairness is due -- citizens or illegal aliens.  And remember, too, it was the Mexican Consulate and The Denver Post who made Jesus Apodaca the poster child of illegal aliens.  Allowing any illegal alien, including Jesus Apodaca, to remain in the U.S. is unfair to American citizens and he should be deported as required by law.If he is unfairly deported, blame The Denver Post.

The Denver Post consistently promotes illegal immigration and advocates benefits for illegal aliens including college subsidies, drivers licenses, foreign identification acceptance, and amnesties, over the welfare of American citizens who bear the consequences and costs. The Denver Post shows its bias by usually calling illegal aliens"undocumented" which is just politically correct nonsense.

There is a rapidly growing rage in America over the consequences of unbridled mass immigration including, immigration law non-enforcement, ethnic vote pandering politicians, lower wages brought about by an over-supply of cheap labor, 715,000 foreigners still working in the US under H-1B visas, school overcrowding, traffic congestion, the health care crisis, environmental degradation, and social tension.  If you agree that it is time to stop the invasion, if you agree that it is time for welfare of Americans to take priority over the welfare of illegal aliens, then it is time for you to make your thoughts heard regarding The Denver Post.

Dean Singleton, Chairman of The Media News Group, was quoted as saying "I like great newspapers."  Click here for an appropriate audio response to Dean's quote.

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