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02/28/2024 04:00 AM
Illegal Immigrant Killing of Nursing Student Elicits Yawns and Deflections from the Media

02/27/2024 12:26 PM
Trump Didn’t Kill the Senate Border Security Deal — the Deal's Provisions Did

02/27/2024 06:56 AM
Immigrants in U.S. Doctoral Programs

02/27/2024 04:00 AM
Somehow, Biden’s Immigration and Border Polling Gets Worse

02/27/2024 03:56 AM
Op-ed: How to Fix the Border

02/26/2024 11:03 AM
Biden Reportedly Considering Executive Action on Border Crisis

02/26/2024 10:07 AM
Op-ed: China Is Exploiting Biden’s Lax Border Policies — Imperiling U.S. Security

02/22/2024 04:46 PM
Rep. Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) Offers Bipartisan Alternative to Senate Border Bill

02/22/2024 02:00 PM
Can U.S. Farm Workers Be Replaced by Machines?

02/22/2024 01:56 PM
Report: Can U.S. Farm Workers Be Replaced by Machines?

02/22/2024 09:17 AM
Responding to the Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Policy Institute

02/22/2024 07:19 AM
Arrests of Criminal Aliens Cut by 57 Percent

02/21/2024 10:06 AM
Who is funding illegal immigration? You are.

02/21/2024 03:00 AM
How Immigration Upsets the Political Balance

02/20/2024 02:52 PM
ICE Immigration Bonds Data Reveals Biden Admin’s Assault on Immigration Enforcement

02/20/2024 02:52 PM
Op-ed: Biden’s New Border Plan Shows ‘I Can’t Do Anything’ Was Always a Lie

02/20/2024 09:39 AM
President Biden Orders DHS to ‘Defer the Removal’ of Palestinians in the U.S.

02/17/2024 07:40 PM
Op-ed: Yes, Mayorkas Is in Fact Breaking the Law

02/16/2024 03:00 AM
Obama Secured the Border — Why Can’t Biden?

02/15/2024 05:06 PM
CBP Releases January Border Numbers — Early